FMI Food Retail Leader Certificate

This certificate program, co-developed by FMI and Root Inc., will demonstrate that you have the right food retail industry knowledge, skills, personal attributes and competencies to excel at leadership positions in the food retail industry. Your Certificate in Food Retail Leadership will bring you recognition in the food retail industry as a qualified and committed food retail leader and give you an edge in your professional career path.

Participants of Future Leaders eXperience can enroll in the certificate program at no extra cost. Through a series of pre-and post-event assessments, online seminars, on-the-job training reinforcement activities and touchpoints with your manager, you’ll build on the knowledge and skills you gain at the event to further expand your experience and apply what you learned. Contact us for more information.

How Do I Earn The FMI Food Retail Leader Certificate?

  1. Register for and attend FMI Futures Leaders eXperience
  2. Use the enrollment link (or enrollment code) sent to you as a Future Leaders eXperience attendee to create an account
  3. Complete a series of pre-and post-event learning activities
  4. Complete a final assessment survey
  5. Earn your certificate!
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